The Crow Tree

Crow on the top of tree

  ~ The best place to observe is on the top of tree.

  Who lives three hundreds years?.. Yes, that's a crow. ☺ It is just a legend but looking at this bird I can believe that crow has something mysterious. It is very clever and does not trust people.

  Crow's relatives, ravens, even captured the London protecting "the Crown and the Tower". It sounds very fantastic but who knows?.. Taking the high tops of trees or gables they watch fleeting events of the world from their high spots.

© Katie Marinovsky

۞ Вороняче дерево

Everyone Would Love You If...

Crown for Princess

  Everyone would love you
...if you would be more popular and famous;
...if you would be more smart;
...if you would be more happy and lucky;
...if you would be more kind;
...if you would be more gentle and generous;
...if you would be more rich;
...if you would be more bold and brave;
...if you would be more strong;
...if you would be more gracious and great;
...if you would be more clever;
...if you would be more handsome or pretty;
...if you would be more fantastic at all.

And only the most wonderful people stay with you,
help you to grow and love you
as you are.

© 2016 Katie Marinovsky
Painting: "Crown for Princess".

۞ Кожен любив би тебе, якщо...

The Morning Song

Sunshine Meadows

  When you rise nobody can say
what is the next
and what part of your life is left behind you.

Take the day into your hands
and make it so much beautiful as you can.

Don't choose what is the best,
choose what you like the most
and what is dear for your heart.

Searching happiness do not loose yourself.

Little things can be beautiful
because of their meaning for you.
Little things can have power to destroy your life
keeping them as a memory of the broken past.

Take your life in your hands,
and do the first step
stepping through yourself.


© 2018 Katie Marinovsky

The Lamb

Little Lamb

  I chose this poem for my first poetry reading because it has special meaning for me.

We are wonderfully created. And everyone is unique. Everyone is important. We are richly gifted in different special ways.

Appreciating all creations under the heavens we can find own destination. Even little and small deeds can show the reflection of immense beauty.
May "God bless thee..." on your way!

The Lamb _________

* Poem "The Lamb" was written by English poet William Blake in contrast to "The Tyger" and published in his collection "Songs of Innocence and of Experience" in 1789.

© 2019 Katie Marinovsky

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The Life-Giving Light

The Sunlight Above the Lake

  Bright orange circle
kingly rolled out
from the bottom of cold gloom.
The Sun filled this dreaming world
with the life-giving light
and spread cheerful singing
of the country birds.

© 2012 Katie Marinovsky
Photoart: "The Sunlight" by Igor Marinovsky.

Golden Bees

Park of Dandelions

  Flying from flower to flower
golden bees were sharing joy
of the new-coming spring.

© 2017 Katie Marinovsky
Photo: "Park of Dandelions".