Oh, Were You In The Cold Blast

Oh, were you in the cold blast,
On yonder lea, on yonder lea;
My plaid to the angry blow,
I'd shelter thee, I'd shelter you.
Or did Misfortune's bitter storms
Around you blow, around you blow,
Your refuge should be my bosom,
To share it all, to share it all.

Or were I in the wildest waste,
So black and bare, so black and bare,
The desert were a Paradise,
If you were there, if you were there.
Or were I monarch of the globe,
With you to reign, with you to reign;
The brightest jewel in my crown,
Would be my queen, would be my queen.


~ Author: Robert Burns (1759–1796).
٭ Photography by Chris 73 is under GNU Free Documentation 1.3 License.


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