Little Acts of Kindness

Little acts of kindness,
Trifling though they are,
How they serve to brighten
This dark world of care!
Little acts of kindness,
Oh, how potent they,
To dispel the shadows
Of life's cloudy day.

Little acts of kindness,
How they cheer the heart!
What a world of gladness
Will a smile impart!
How a gentle accent
Calms the troubled soul,
When the waves of passion
O'er it wildly roll!

You may have around you
Sunshine, if you will,
Or a host of shadows.
Gloomy, — dreary, — chill.
If you want the sunshine,
To the poor and needy
Kindly aid impart.

To the soul-despairing
Breathe a hopeful word;
From your lips be only
Tones of kindness heard.
Ever give for anger.
Love and tenderness;
And, in blessing others.
You yourself will bless.

Little acts of kindness,
Nothing do they cost;
Yet when they are wanting,
Life's best charm is lost.
Little acts of kindness,
Richest gems of earth;
Though they seem but trifles,
Priceless is their worth.

If wisdom's ways you wisely seek.
Five things observe with care: —
To whom you speak, — of whom you speak, —
And how, — and when, — and where.


٭ Poem by Thomas Martin Towne, 1868.
# Painting "A Childhood Idyll" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1900.


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