Ten Commandments For Every Schooler

  Reading history we can find the forgotten treasures of wisdom that were popular in older times.

  These commandments of the moral life are showing the high standards of human expectations in that epoch. Consisted for every person and every nation they were written by anonymous or under a pseudonym in Great Britain circa 1912 and spread to the United States.

  The rules were composed for memorising by children in Socialist Sunday Schools that had some place in that period as an alternative to Christian Sunday Schools. Their main aim was "to develop the body, to develop the mind, to develop the morals, [and to] show the connection of one to the other" (Nicholas Klein). The school had motto:

  • I love everybody
  • I hate nobody
  • I want everybody to be happy

Ten Commandments For Every Schooler

1. Love your schoolfellows, they will become your fellow workers and companions in life.

2. Love learning, which is the food of the mind; be as grateful to your teacher as to your parents.

3. Make every day holy by good and useful deeds and kindly actions.

4. Honour good people, be courteous and respect all, bow down to none.

5. Do not hate or offend anyone. Do not seek revenge, but stand up for your rights and resist tyranny.

6. Be not cowardly, protect the feeble and love justice.

7. Remember that all good things of the earth are the result of labour. Whoever enjoys them without working for them is stealing the bread of the worker.

8. Observe and think in order to discover the truth. Do not believe what is contrary to reason and never deceive yourself or others.

9. Do not think that he who loves his own country must hate and despise other nations, or wish for war, which is a remnant of barbarism.

10. Help to bring about the day when all nations shall live fraternally together in peace and prosperity.


  Everyone has to be a worthy human in that society where he lives. In spite of your position in the life you have to grow the best qualities of your character. We have to respect other nations and also our neighbours, to respect thoughts of other people as our own, to welcome everybody. No one have to neglect his own dignity or allow a bad treatment if there are ways to avoid it.

  The equality among people, help to each other can make the world a little better. We should put more efforts for improving the living conditions of others in that place where we are now. Because happiness of society begins from one caring heart.

© Kate Marinovsky.
* Painting "Out of School" by Myles Birket Foster (1825-1899); PD-US.


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