The First Snow

  ~ `The first snow in the morning quietude after the night storm.`

  I took this photo on November 14, 2016. It was storming so much in that night!.. I looked through the window and saw how the little bright snowflakes were dancing in the street lamplight.

As white butterflies they were rounding and flying in the stormy wind. The darkness of the night was fading with every minute till the whole ground was covered with pure snow-white carpet of winter. And the next day was the proclamation of freshness and humility.

  I liked that night when the winter came. Though it was very special time in different meanings, good and not very good, but the morning quietude was a real blessing for everyone.

  So when does the winter starts in this year? It comes without invitation but always it is so awaited!.. Again we will play with the snow enjoying the happy and merry holidays. ♥

© Kate Marinovsky
November 17, 2018.

۞ Перший сніг


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