School Under the Bridge

  Smiling faces and the feeling of family
meet you in the school under the bridge.

Who is giving you this little hand?
It is a small boy beaten yesterday by his father.
Who is that tall girl sitting with kids?
It is a "sister" who cares them instead of mother.

Look at this old man with gray hair.
He is so ancient as the timbers of bridge!..
But everyone loves him.
His face is shining when he comes to teach.

Where can you hear happy songs?..
In the school under the bridge!
Where is friendship so strong?..
In the school under the bridge!

When you look with your cold eyes at these kids
you see only rags and hungry silhouettes,
you can see only misery of their little beings.

To see there beauty - it's so hard to teach!..
To love them... you should be at their beach.


© 2017 Kate Marinovsky
* Painting "Children In The Woods" by American artist Frank Weston Benson, 1898.


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