But Deliver Us From Evil...

Guardian angel is watching over two children walking on the edge.

  We receive everything according to our deeds or as trials of faith. So examinate your conscience often and do the best what you can!

Desires of heart cause thoughts. Because of thoughts are words. Words cause actions. Deeds consist the motion of world's materia and every move is good or evil.

You choose movement for life — and the whole world starts to fix broken human souls and recover destroyed beauty of the nature. Movement is a life. But if we move in the right direction.

We live in the world where things are connected. Any our actions have their reflection in something other. Right or wrong, they have impact at our surroundings. Planted kindness today, gives its fruits of wellness tomorrow.

All we are citizens of the Earth though we are different. To have peace in the world, we have to find peace in ourselves. Look at the others with love. They are the same as you with their fears and hope.

Today it is that day when we can change things to better! We make future with our hands. Just find enough courage to do the first step to be as you should be.

People come in this world to have their own way and to discover the best qualities of personality. They are free to choose what is the right for them and to refuse what they don't like. I believe in God and you can believe in anything other but being together as the best friends it gives us a lot.

The global friendship brings the world closer to your community. If people will take each other by the hand, we can survive in any circumstances and make the world a beautiful place. And let the peace be for everyone!

© Katia Marynowska

* Painting "Guardian Angel" by German painter Bernhard Plockhorst, 1886.

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