Falsehood Forbidden

Girl is sitting near the river

I must not tell a lie,
Whate'er 's the price to win;
For God, with his all-seeing eye,
Would frown upon the sin.

I must not use deceit,
By any art or wile,
Another's faith and trust to cheat;
For God abhors the guile.

They who can falsely smile
With lips that utter prayer,
Insult their Maker; and the while
Are in the tempter's snare.

I must not boldly seek
My conscience to suppress;
For soon or late will conscience speak,
And truth obtain redress.

For God enthroned on high,
Doth out from Heaven declare,
That naught which maketh here a lie,
Shall find an entrance there.


  "Honesty is the best policy." It is just as it is. No lies can be good for something. Richly decorated they fail in some unexpected way.

It is like a false smile to please somebody, but you know very well what is behind it.

To be as you are and to say the truth — it is the most important value in communication with people. We can be accepted and can be rejected. But you will be the right, because you stay who you are.

© Katia Marynowska

* Poem "Falsehood Forbidden" by Hannah Flagg Gould (1789-1865).

# Painting "Quiet Moment Near the River" by Maria Alekseevna Fedorova (1859-1934); PD.

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