A Thousand Clouds, Ten Thousand Streams

Autumn of the Hudson River

A thousand clouds, ten thousand streams,
Here I live, an idle man,
Roaming green peaks by day,
Back to sleep by cliffs at night.
One by one, springs and autumns go,
Free of heat and dust, my mind.
Sweet to know there’s nothing I need,
Silent as the autumn river’s flood.


~ Poem by Han Shan, c. 730? - c. 850? Translated by A. S. Kline; for non-commercial use.

* Painting "Mountain River Scene (Autumn of the Hudson)" by Charles Wilson Knapp, 1870.

Being satisfied with that what you have, it's possible to stay calm in every situation.

Just accept all gifts and trials of life as they are.

© Katia Marynowska

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