Too Much to Carry

Girls carrying the heavy load their backs
 "Well, if yo friend Speedy was here," - the black man said, - "whoever he might be, or wherever he might be in this wide old world, he might tell you that you 't carry the world on yo shoulders, son. You 't do that. No one."
~ From "The Talisman", Stephen King.

We cannot carry all troubles of the world on our shoulders. It's the main what we have to understand being a simple human.

We are here to do our mission well. Everyone has own task and duties. And it's impossible for one person to make all people happy in their preferred way.

Forgeting about own needs, what does this sacrifice mean?.. Heavy burdens of life can overload anyone. It's good to help your friends with their carriage but you can't take it completely on your back and not to be broken.

Test your strength and keep your spirit in the good condition. And you will be able to help many in this life journey.

© Katia Marynowska

# Painting "Peasant-Girls with Brushwood" by Jean-François Millet, circa 1852.

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