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Welcome to "Green Gables"!

You are invited to create House of Dreams, to learn Life Lessons, to start Green Living and to explore How to Be a Lady.

Step by step Green Gables Girl is discovering the life's truths with the classic poems, old time's books and inspirational quotes. And of course the best tips for beauty and modest fashion as well as healthy living and good kitchen.

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Blog "Green Gables Girl" is named in the honor of the favourite red-haired friend from the book "Anne of Green Gables". She tells that dreams come true when we believe in them. And there is always something more beautiful in awaiting, worthy for taking adventure.

So discover the hidden spirit of poetry and find inspiration for every day! ♥

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* Vintage postcard by Tichnor Bros. Inc., Boston, Mass, between circa 1930 and circa 1945; PD.
۞ Вітання із "Зелених Дахів"

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